From the mountains of Italy to the beaches of Normandy, and from the deserts of North Africa to the ruined German cities, experience the history of the Second World War in Western Europe from 1939-1945 in an entirely different way.

Using unpublished letters and diaries, follow the journeys of some fifty Allied soldiers (American, British, French, Canadian...) as they liberate the continent from Nazi rule, sometimes at the cost of their own lives. Arranged in chronological order and placed in historical context, their stories and letters are illustrated with many personal photographs, war memorabilia and original uniforms.

Having miraculously escaped wartime censorship, these new first-hand testimonies are transcribed as is, whether they come from an elite soldier, a combat medic or a USO dancer. These poignant writings, completed in the mud of the European battlefields, reveal the hopes, doubts and fears of these young people sent to hell, making Till Victory first and foremost a book about Peace.

"Till Victory - The Second World War By Those Who Were There" will be released on October 30, 2020 by Pen & Sword Books in the UK (preorder here) and distributed by Casemate in the US and Canada (preorder here). French author Clement Horvath insists that he shouldn't be considered as an historian, but simply a history buff. Nevertheless, he has combined his expertise in images and digital tools with his 15-year collection of letters and relics from the Second World War to conduct his research and carry out his ambitious project from A to Z, in complete independence. All these years of hard work and passion have made his book Till Victory an award-winning bestseller in France.

Couverture Till Victory 1Till Victory - The Second World War By Those Who Were There
Released on October 30, 2020 (Pen & Sword Books / Casemate)
Hardback, 11 X 8.5 inches
376 pages and 500 colour illustrations
£30.00 / $49.95

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